The courses listed below are a sampling of regularly offered courses of interest to Global and Comparative Literature Majors. Each semester, majors will work with the Director of the Program to select courses that best fit their individual courses of study.

Required Courses

GCPL-1001 Introduction to Global Literature
Professor N. Pireddu (Fall 2022)

GCPL Special Topics in Comparative Literature (Topics and professors rotate each Fall semester)
GCPL-2001 Global Noir
Professor E. Colla
GCPL-2002 Exiles, Immigrants, and Refugees
Professor T. Gentic
GCPL-2003 Literature, Authority, & the State
Professor A. Sobanet
GCPL 2005 1001 Nights in World Literature
Professor E. Colla

GCPL-4961 Senior Thesis Tutorial

GCPL-4962 Senior Thesis Seminar
Professor N. Pireddu (Spring 2023)

Comparative Approaches

Courses in many departments (Language and Literature departments, English, History, Theater and Performance Studies) adopt a comparative approach to literature. This list provides a sample of courses that approach genres, languages, and methodologies comparatively. Students are invited to consult the bulletin to browse the available options.

ENGL-209 Native American Stories
Professor L. Merish

ENGL-241 New York Stories
Professor M. Corrigan

ENGL-245-01 Introduction to Cultural Studies
Professor E. Gorman

ENGL-309 Medieval European Literature
Professor McNamer

FREN-434 Contemporary Quebec Society/Film
Professor M. Santoro

SPAN-398 Film, Literature, Dictatorship
Professor T. Gentic

SPAN-421 Brazilian Cinema (in Spanish) (PORT 434)
Professor V. Santos

SPAN-493 Framed: Stories that Move in Chains
Professor E. Francomano

SPAN-498 Crossings: Realism in the Transatlantic Novel
Professor T. Gentic

TPST-200 Adaptation and Performance of Literature
Professor N. Onoda

TPST-333 US Latino/a Drama and Performance
Professor C. Evans

Courses in Translation

ARAB-399-01 The Arab Novel
Professor E. Colla

CHIN-353 War and Its Legacies in Chinese Literature
Professor P. Kafalas

CHIN-354 Reading Chinese Landscapes
Professor P. Kafalas

CLSS-220-01 Sexuality and Love in Greek Literature
Professor V. Pedrick

ENGL-381 Literature in the Time of Empire
Professor M. McMorris

ENGL-406 Race, Law, and Literature
Professor C. So

ITAL-386 Made in Italy: Fashion and Food
Professor N. Pireddu

ITAL-394 Italian Americans: Language Literature and Cinema
Professor A. De Fina

ITAL-398 Fictions of Europe
Professor N. Pireddu

KREN-361 Korean Myths and Folklore
Professor H. Yoo

RUSS-375 Russian Novel
Professor G. Mihaychuk

RUSS-470 Yankees in Petrograd, Bolsheviks in New York
Professor L. Fedorova

RUSS-487 Imaginary Worlds in Literature and Film
Professor L. Fedorova

THEO-011 Introduction to Biblical Literature
Multiple Sections

TURK-352 Turkic Folklore
Professor S. Onder

TURK-362 Central Asian Cultures: Literature and the Arts
Professor S. Onder

TURK-363 Anthropology, Colonialism, and Islam
Professor S. Onder

Other Courses For Global and Comparative Literature Majors

Global and Comparative Literature majors can browse all current course offerings in their two areas of specialization and in the college at large by visiting the University Registrar’s page.