No matter which languages and literatures you choose for your first and second concentration, as a Comparative Literature major you can benefit from well-published, dynamic, and dedicated faculty members who always keep students’ learning at the top of their concerns. The selectivity of our program, our small class size and the special emphasis we place on personal attention to our students guarantee an intense student/faculty interaction. Moreover, because we only grant the A.B. degree, our undergraduates do not compete with graduate students for a professor's time.

The Comparative Literature Program relies on the work of a Core Committee and benefits from the additional contribution of numerous faculty members in foreign languages, English and the humanities at large, who periodically teach crosslisted or Comparative-Literature designated courses, and who act as mentors for the Comparative Literature majors’ senior theses.


Patricia I Vieira
Associate Professor


Elliott Colla
Associate Professor and Department Chair

Emily C Francomano
Associate Professor; Director of Graduate Studies, Spanish Literature Program;Associate Editor, La corónica: A Journal of Medieval Hispanic Languages Literatures and Cultures

Tania Gentic
Assistant Professor

Susanna Lee
Associate Professor

Adam M Lifshey
Associate Professor

Sylvia W Onder
Visiting Associate Professor, Turkish

Ricardo L. Ortiz
Associate Professor, English

Nicoletta Pireddu
Associate Professor

Maya E Roth
Associate Professor and Chair

Andrew J Sobanet
Chair & Associate Professor

Patricia I Vieira
Associate Professor

Jingyuan Zhang
Associate Professor - Chinese